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Resume Writing: Remote Work Skills to Highlight on Your Resume

The future of work is here, and it's remote! With businesses worldwide shifting to a digital paradigm in response to the pandemic, the traditional workplace as we know it has been turned on its head. This revolution necessitates a fresh approach to showcasing your skills and competencies on your resume and during job interviews. Below are some tips to adapt your resume writing:

woman working on a virtual call

Remote Work Skills to Highlight on Your Resume:

  • Self-Motivation/Discipline: Demonstrate how you can manage your time effectively and stay productive without supervision.

  • Digital Literacy: Employers will value your proficiency with remote work technologies and digital communication tools.

  • Communication: Show your ability to maintain clear, concise, and timely communication without face-to-face interactions.

  • Adaptability: Illustrate your capacity to work in changing environments and your willingness to learn new technologies or methods.

Interview Strategies for the Remote Work Era:

  • Be prepared to discuss your remote work experience. Employers will want to understand how you've managed remote work in the past, and concrete examples will go a long way.

  • Show that you're comfortable with technology. This could mean ensuring a seamless video interview with good lighting and sound, demonstrating your familiarity with popular collaboration tools, or explaining how you've used digital tools to enhance productivity.

  • Emphasize your communication skills. How have you maintained team cohesion, built relationships, or ensured clarity of communication while working remotely?

woman working remotely on couch

The new normal of remote work presents opportunities for those who can successfully adapt and illustrate their ability to thrive in this environment. It's about painting a picture of your competence in a digital workspace and proving that, despite the distance, you can deliver value and drive results.


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